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i wheel!

Hilarie Taylor started iWheel in Sandestin, Florida in 2016. After she retired early as a Flight Attendant for a major airline, she wanted some "fun money."  She came up with a personalized concierge business and named it iWheel: taken from her Louisiana roots 


(I wheel is "i will" in southern talk)


She caters to her wonderful neighbors in Sandestin and the many vacationers that visit seasonally.  When Hilarie is not iWheelin' she enjoys the beach, Pilates, playing various games, and spending time with her husband and golden retriever. 

Hilarie met Cat 30 years ago while working at the airlines. Flying together to numerous destinations, their friendship took flight.


So when Cat retired and moved to Myrtle Beach, she decided to start up iWheel2MB.  When Cat isn't iWheelin' she enjoys the beach, fitness, golf, and travel.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying...

"IWheel has been our lifesaver. They have taken amazing care of our dogs throughout the past few years and love them like we love them. From dog sitting, running errands for us, last minute emergency needs and organizing my home, they are reliable, trustworthy and so pleasant to deal with. We trust them like family.We highly recommend them if you want peace of mind." 

~Lourdes C.

"My husband and I love iWheel. We use the service for many things but mostly to set up repairs and renovations around our condo. Things are always done well and on time and I am never concerned because someone is watching our condo while the work is being done.  I have not tried the grocery delivery service but used the "pick your brother up at the airport"  service.  My brother was very impressed. Thanks to iWheel for all your help!" 

~Cate R.

"Working with iWheel has surpassed all my expectations ..knowing my home is in the hands of a reliable, conscientious and dependable company gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend iWheel and am so thankful for their amazing services." 

~Laurie B.

"I have used iWheel for several years now to take care of my furbabies (4 dogs, 2 cats).  IWheel is wonderful and takes care of them like they were her own. I would highly recommend them for taking care of your pets when you go away. They go above and beyond and I would use no one else." 

~Susie S.


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Cat McGehee


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Hilarie Taylor


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